Creating value

For our shareholders and stakeholders

Creating value for our shareholders and stakeholders

Is an important factor for our business. Our constant objectives include creating added value and supporting local development where we live and operate.

Creation and distribution of economic value are important values to define wealth creation for our stakeholders. As a company, we aim to create sustainable value for shareholders, stakeholders, collaborators, and the communities in which we operate, in compliance with the ethical principles that characterize our business model.

Distributed added value

In 2022, Italpreziosi generated net economic value of 6,137,050 euros, compared to 6,079,204 euros in 2021. In 2022, the distribution of added value affected the following percentages:

Distributed added value

Human resources
Public administration
Depreciation accruals

As can be seen from the values indicated above, in 2022 the added value generated by characteristic management was invested significantly between Human Resources for development of the sustainable strategy, support of ESG initiatives, new state-of-the- art high-tech machinery,
maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact, and plants characterized by processes with emissions close to zero. With regard to the ESG issue, the company has consolidated the projects and activities developed in previous years, increasing both dedicated human and financial resources.

Investing in sustainable initiatives

and environmental initiatives, and directly through our business.

We strongly believe in peace building, in gender equality and in power of culture in all its facets, from music to art and literature. We believe that culture is a crucial means for development of a healthy and equitable so- ciety, locally, nationally and internationally.

During 2022, we continued to support our employees and our local com- munity with our supply chain through social and environmental initiatives and projects.

In 2022 we funded the following initiatives


Rondine cittadella della pace

Rondine Cittadella della Pace is a unique organization, committed to reducing armed conflicts around the world and spreading its method for creative transformation of conflicts in any context. Our CEO, Ivana Ciabatti, is the chairperson of the Entrepreneurs of Peace and the chairperson of the Rondine Cittadella della Pace Foundation.

Women empowerment

Women for women against violence

Camomilla Prize is an event organized by the Umanitas Onlus Consortium Association to promote the fight against gender violence and the well-being of women battling breast cancer. The event has the triple purpose of raising public awareness on critical issues, improving initiatives on these two issues and raising funds for associations involved in support activities.

Gender equality
quality education

Adesso development initative

With Rondine Cittadella della Pace, we supported the TECH4GIRLS NIGERIA project, a training program for acquisition of competencies and skills, designed to bridge the digital divide between boys and girls in Nigerian communities.

Innovation and research

University of florence

We are funding a doctoral research project in collaboration with the University of Florence and the Department of Chemistry “Ugo Schiff”. The research in question is “the study of problems related to the process of melting, refining, treatment of precious metals and their chemical and physical characterization” and will last for three years.

University of naples

We have helped to finance a scholarship and other initiatives within the Department of Political Science of the University of Naples Federico II for research about sustainabili- ty based on two conceptual nuclei: the ideas of vulnerability and of care. This is in a perspective aimed at outlining these concepts’ philosophical roots.

Health and research


“CALCIT,” the Autonomous Committee for Fight against Cancer is a voluntary association founded in Arezzo. This association’s objectives are to purchase tools for early diagnosis and treatment of cancers and donate them to the Arezzo Hospital; establish scholarships for young doctors involved in oncological specialization to be conducted at the Arezzo Civil Hospital; organize Medical Scientific conferences and seminars related to oncology, and bear all or part of home care costs for cancer patients.

Airc foundation
The AIRC Foundation for Cancer Research is a private non-profit organization founded in 1965 under the initiative of researchers from the Milan Cancer Institute, including Prof. Umberto Veronesi, Prof. Giuseppe della Porta. It received support from some Milanese entrepreneurs, including Aldo Borletti (La Rinascente) and Camilla Ciceri Falck (Falck steelworks), who became its chairperson. Initially, the association took the name of the Italian Association for Research on Cancer (AIRC).
The Telethon Foundation engages in medical research to respond to rare genetic diseases.
Doctors without borders

Doctors Without Borders, a voluntary association, active since 1971, which deals with aid and treatment to people all over the world where the right to health and treatment is not guaranteed.