2020 - 2025

Creating value for our stakeholders

Local development

Continue to create added value for our shareholders and stakeholders, supporting local development where we operate and live.

Investments for sustainable development

Expand and diversify investment areas, including culture, scientific research for health and innovation, social and environmental issues, regarding human rights, biodiversity, and the fight against climate change, more generally as the sustainable development goals progress.

Protecting the environment in which we live and work

Local and global supply chain

Continue to protect the environment both locally and globally, performing appropriate checks and verifications both in documents and with visits to the supply chain.

Monitoring and development

Continue to monitor consumption, to prioritize areas of research and development and improve environmental performance. obtain the ISO 14064-1:2019 certification for quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, regarding the commissioned Carbon Footprint report.

Sustainable infrastructure

Continue with planning and finalize the new infrastructure plan, based on enhancement of existing structures, excellent protection for environment in which we live, and our people’s well-being and with a greater relationship with nature.

Constant enhancement of our people

Well-being goals

Our mission is to place people at the center by continuing to protect and enhance our staff, promoting gender equality, equal opportunities and adequate corporate welfare. Among the objectives for next year, there are those of:
  • increase training hours, diversifying their choice, also depending on the staff’s requests, preferences and needs regarding their work and personal growth
  • expand staff awareness areas with respect to issues related to protecting the environment and the fight against climate change, promoting information and training through content sharing and event promotion
  • organize more team building and sustainability events, involving a greater number of employees in participating and raising awareness on various topics
  • increase staff awareness about using the Listening Desk service

Focus: gender equality

Continue to work on the topic of gender equality, implementing that contained in the Diversity & Inclusion Policy, drafted in 2022.

In particular:

  • increase the female workforce percentage by at least 5% during 2023 compared to the resulting figure in 2022
  • continue and increase training on DE&I topics internally within the company and externally at the supply chain level, through training courses and panel organization
  • provide training opportunities specifically aimed at development and improvement of professional women’s leadership skills
  • develop an even more specific HR policy based on the principles and guidelines set out in D&I Policy, which reiterates equal opportunities and gender equality

Our supply chain’s transparency and sustainability

Collaboration for a sustainable supply chain

Continue to guarantee the highest standards of integrity and ethics in our supply chain, supporting our counterparts on a more sustainable path, and collaborating with international actors to implement sustainable projects, including those in support of artisanal mining communities.

Raising awareness through training

Increase our stakeholders’ training path, continuing to organize and sponsor events, projects and tools for a more transparent and sustainable supply chain.