Protection of the environment in which we live and work

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“think globally,
act locally”

“pensa a livello globale, agisci a livello locale”

describes the challenge that Italpreziosi has undertaken for more than three decades now.

The environment is one of the most fundamental aspects in shaping our activities in places where we live and work

We pursue a sustainable development model and consider protecting the environment in which we live and operate a fundamental aspect for our business. We do everything reasonable and effective to minimize our activities’ negative effects on the environment and we comply with environmental protection laws and directives. Our headquarters are located in Tuscany, one of the world’s most beautiful regions for its landscapes and its biodiversity. Here, environmental heritage is a fundamental aspect for which we have always had great respect and care. During our operations, we support the protection and promotion of sustainable practices to avoid the loss of biodiversity and degradation of ecosystems.

Since 2021, Italpreziosi has aligned itself with the principles and guidelines contained in corporate Environmental Policy, which aims to outline the internal and external behavioral bases that we will apply to pursue constant and sustainable growth, hand in hand with research and innovation, for social and environmental performance in line with our principles of ethics and integrity.

Our goal is long-term and is in line with the principles of the Paris Agreement and current international and national regulations, and therefore contribute to the achievement of zero carbon emissions by 2050.

This Policy therefore aims to outline the internal and external behavioral bases that we will apply to achieve our goal. Italpreziosi will also encourage customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same.

The plan that we will pursue focuses on the following principle of ‘3R+E’:

The policy defines in detail the objectives and the actions to be taken to execute them:

  • Better resource use
  • More sustainable mobility
  • Responsible meals
  • Green purchases
  • Reducing emissions
  • Performance increase in real estate assets
  • Creation of a certified integrated environment and energy management system
  • Information and training
  • Commitment and partnership for the goal

Governance for a concrete impact


The Sustainability Commission, consisting of Corporate Senior Management, is responsible for ensuring that environmental policy is implemented.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Manager is responsible for coordinating the Sustainability Commission’s activities.

Likewise, all employees and collaborators are responsible for ensuring that this policy’s goals and objectives are achieved.

To view our environmental policy

Highlights 2022

Recognized itapreziosi as among the:

Top hundred italian sustainable companies

Sustainability award

For its constant commitment to esg objectives. The award is now in its second edition and promoted by kon group and credit suisse, in media Partnership with forbes.

The award is dedicated to examples of italian excellence (top 100 excellence) who have distingui- shed themselves for their commitment to sustainability and esg issues, expressed in their ability to innovate and renew with a view to sustainable production and growth and in creation of added value for the community.

At the end of 2021, with the desire to begin to quantify the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the activities that italpreziosi conducts and then map its carbon footprint

Italpreziosi commissioned its first annual

Carbon footprint annuale

It was defined based on the reporting guidelines of the ISO 14064-1:2019 standard.

For the analysis for 2021 and 2022, the following were considered:

  • Direct emissions (Scope 1)
  • Indirect emissions related to production and consumption of im- ported energy (Scope 2)
  • Indirect emissions from transport (Scope 3)
  • Indirect emissions from products used (Scope 4)
Our goal is to limit impact, mitigating it with specific policies that involve a stricter selection in terms of onboarding of colleagues, a constant eye for production and energy efficiency, and impact on local communities. Italpreziosi wants to work beyond carbon neutrality, creating policies that can substantially reduce impact..

In 2022, the first edition of the CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY CHAMPION COMPETITION was established, through employees’ use of the AWorld app developed by the United Nations

The app content offers access to ideas, videos, and interesting tips for everyday life, to always stay on track and become champions of change. You can also monitor your impact and create sustainable challenges with your family, loved ones, and especially your children or grandchildren, who represent the new generation.

Together, we have contributed to:

Kg co2 saved

L water saved

kWh electricity saved


Looking to the present

Our plants are state-of-the-art and high-tech, with the aim of maximizing efficiency and minimizing environmental impact, with emissions close to zero.

Minimizing environmental impact is a crucial objective for our company. Considering that greenhouse gas emissions are among the main causes of global warming and climate change, we decided to avoid using one of the main causes of emissions, namely fossil fuels. This is the reason we choose not to use coal and diesel in our refinery, but rather “cold” chemical processes, to reduce emissions considerably.

We have also installed solar photovoltaic technologies in the upper part of our building. This was the first step towards using ever cleaner energy resources.

We are participating in a local

Arezzo hydrogen valley

project to redevelop the territory through the restoration and subsequent use of a hydrogen plant for industrial purposes. The energy sources concerned are composed of a photovoltaic system and a waste-to-energy plant.

Italpreziosi, with other companies, participates as a “LOCAL INDUSTRY OFF-TAKEN”

We have joined the

Print releaf initiative

to contribute to reforestation to compensate for paper consumption.

In 2022



printed pages

Were replanted



Trees have been planted for every certain number of printed pages

Water consumption

960 mc*

2200,02 mc

Civil use

Productive use

Methane gas consumption





Chemical products

2021 2022*
Hydrochloric acid 20% 32,82%
Nitric Acid 15% 27%
Caustic soda 20% 30%
Other substances 45% 10,01%

In 2022, the total number of chemicals used was:
452,3 ton.*

What are these products used for and where are they used?
  • Hydrochloric Acid: AU and AG refining
  • Nitric Acid: AU and AG refining
  • Caustic Soda: NOX smoke abatement
  • Other substances: Laboratory and Refining

Energy consumption





The significant increase in consumption compared to 2021 is reflected in the acquisition of the new Italpreziosi division, which resulted in new services and processes, which have had an impact on the change in the figures.

Corporate fleet

We currently have a total of 10 company vehicles. In 2021, we purchased a hybrid car, with the long-term goal of increasing the number of hybrids and electric vehicles in the company fleet.

To date, there are:

diesel vehicles
gasoline car
hybrid car

In 2022, we used 4237.93 liters of fuel for business vehicles.

*results related to: Route A 32

Digital pollution

Pollution we don’t see

Digital pollution includes all sources of environmental pollution produced by ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) tools. Therefore, it is linked to production of any digital instrument and Internet systems’ operation.

A first step in combating this invisible impact was to choose systems that could have the least impact. The latter relates to electronic devices and their use in our company may be considered irrelevant with respect to the company’s turnover volumes.

The calculation requirements at the EDP level are physiologically reduced by the nature of the data processed (“office” documents). The central physical server machines were recently renewed with a consequent reduction in power supplies (500W vs 800W).

For network equipment, refurbished, or “regenerated” devices were chosen, meaning a product that is not new and cannot be sold as new, even if it is in excellent condition.

For desk stations, a process of modernization towards low-impact devices has begun, with 35W processors (similar to laptops): in last 3 years, 70% of desktop PCs were renewed and the process will continue in 2023.

We have also embarked on a process of renewing the monitors, moving from the old 23-35W/ pc LCD models to new ones with an LED panel for a consumption of about 13-15W/pc. In 2022 we replaced almost 40% of the monitors used in workplaces.

For the Cloud part, we decided to rely on suppliers attentive to sustainability issues, namely Google Cloud and Cloud.it.


We ensure that the precious item, once selected, reaches the end user, guaranteeing the content’s origin, protecting and maintaining the object’s value.

To this end, identifying sustainable packaging is essential. Italpreziosi has therefore committed itself to selecting certified stakeholders, who comply with international standards and are therefore able to guarantee the supply of eco-compatible packaging, as also defined in our Environmental Policy.

Italpreziosi’s packaging is supplied by certified Heavy Metal Absence stakeholders, according to the 94/62 EC directive, which aims to harmonize national measures concerning the management of packaging and packaging waste as well as improving environmental quality by preventing and reducing the impact on it.


Italpreziosi blisters accompany all coins and ingots up to a 100g cut.

In addition to guaranteeing safety and anti-counterfeiting, Italpreziosi blisters are made of durable copolyester, a highly transparent and recyclable material. In the transformation and recovery process, the material’s characteristics of fluidity and reproducibility is equipped make it possible to process it at lower temperatures than others (due to its reduced specific heat capacity, it can be thermoformed with reduced energy consumption: the maximum working temperature in absence of load is about 65°C.)

The copolyester can also be processed without the need for pre- drying. In the field of processing plastic materials, to maintain the finished products’ quality, materials need to undergo a further preventive phase, prior to the processing/transformation phase. This step consists of pre-heating, designed to eliminate surface moisture.

Given the properties of the material Italpreziosi chooses, this phase is no longer necessary. It is therefore possible to proceed directly with the processing and/or transformation.

The copolyester’s reduced thermal capacity, combined with elimination of the pre-drying process, makes it possible to significantly reduce energy consumption in processing and transformation processes.

Cases and gift boxes

Italpreziosi cases and gift boxes are made with FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council® certified pure cellulose paper and cardboard. The certification confirms that the forest from which the raw material comes is managed in such a way as to preserve biological diversity and bring benefits to the lives of people and local workers, while guaranteeing economic sustainability (https://fsc.org/en/forest-management-certification).

The paper that makes up Italpreziosi Cases and Gift Boxes is also classified ECF (- Elemental Chlorine Free – or “chlorine-free”), Acid Free (acid-free) and Long Life (ISO 97/06 standard).

Sustainable gadgets

In 2022, we introduced more sustainable business gadgets, able to recall and emphasize the concept of reuse and recycling. Among these is the Sprout pencil, which contains seeds to plant a flower at the end of (re) use.

Local (+) supply

Sustainability also means buying locally:

= lower environmental impact

+ benefits for the community

In 2022, the origin of our most local suppliers of products and services was distributed as follows:

29,2 %

Planning for the future

In our 2020-2025 Business Plan, protection of the environment, biodiversity and water, with our people’s well- being, were the driving forces behind the project for new Italpreziosi headquarters.

The goal is to avoid increasing the environmental impact due to extension of concreting of the territories, but to redevelop existing industrial structures, through the most modern construction techniques, as well as to achieve objectives of maximum energy efficiency.

At the same time, an attempt was made to restore value to companies that made the history of the Arezzo industrial and artisan sector, but which had been in a clear downward trajectory for several years.

The actions implemented were first of all the identification of a sub-area of the industrial sector in which Italpre- ziosi is present to present its processes to similar companies, which felt the need to take a breath again and return to the splendor of the past.

Additionally, an attempt was made to understand if there were additional buildings in total degradation in neigh- boring areas, which could be annexed to the current redevelopment project.

The stated objective is to create a centralized, multifunctional, innovative, sustainable industrial hub of great significance and attractiveness.

The new environments will be completely human-sized and will comply with the highest safety standards. At the same time, it is necessary to completely review the logic of internal and external workflows by pursuing the agile philosophy, which translates into an efficiency of resources and a consequential reduction in energy waste.

The facilities will be equipped with plants for treatment of air and vapor produced during processing. They have all the most modern technologies and follow European directives on the matter.

The processes that will be conducted here will be centered on circularity. They are able to recover waste materials containing metals and creating products of high interest to the market and with high added value. All this by clo- sing the circle and giving new life to products hitherto considered a waste of little intrinsic value, destined mostly for landfills or waste-to-energy plants.

The production plants will be of the latest generation, built with the most efficient and modern construction te- chniques, highly technological and fully integrated according to Industry 4.0 procedures. These will also be com- pletely Made in Italy with 100% recyclable materials and will be absolutely unique, as they are made specifically to meet Italpreziosi’s needs, in terms of production efficiency, energy efficiency and treatment of waste vapors.

Energy efficiency will also be achieved through the installation of photovoltaic panels on the production plants’ entire coverage area, as well as by building a hydrogen fuel production plant. The surplus products, generated by these two processes, will then be made available to the community, using existing distribution networks.

All this will make Italpreziosi energy self-sufficient and have zero impact.


Ensuring the responsibility of our supply chain

Choosing responsible consumption and production is a crucial step that every single player in supply chain must take for a more secure future for our planet.

In our Know Your Counterpart (KYC) on-boarding procedures within the Compliance Department, all environmental documentation is carefully analyzed: all our suppliers, based on their activity, must submit specific documentation that attests to their commitment to maintaining appropriate environmental standards. Additionally, we always request additional information on initiatives or plans to reduce or completely eliminate environmental impacts.

Our analysis of counterparts examines in detail all the chemicals used in their process, both before and during the employment relationship, to determine an evaluation of the counterpart.

In 2022, we developed a special questionnaire on ESG issues aiming on deepening knowledge of environmental, social and governance aspects by the various stakeholders with whom Italpreziosi works; the issues required concern business structure, human resources, the environment and mining information, with a particular focus on issues related to carbon footprint, environmental mitigation and improvement initiatives, non-tolerance of discrimination, gender equality and human rights.

The metal’s origin is always fundamental. In our “Index of High Risk Countries”, which we update annually, we always conduct an environmental analysis. The sources used are always international organizations, private compliance firms, government databases and regulations, and NGO reports.

The objective is to be clear about the regulatory framework in environmental field, as well as the analysis of any protected zones or areas or World Heritage areas. This is because, by analyzing the area of origin, we can be sure that the material we purchased does not come from areas with high environmental risk. If there are potential colleagues, we try to understand how to support them in mitigating the risk coming from the operating area. In fact, it is also important for us to train our counterparts on issues related to climate, environment, biodiversity and responsible mining.

We guarantee the highest standards of quality and sustainability through a documentary verification work followed by a site visit to attest the veracity of the information obtained.


Planet gold

In 2019, we joined planetGOLD’s Program Advisory Group (PAG), which involves various stakeholders including the United Nations, NGOs, associations, private sector companies and public authorities.

The planetGOLD program works in collaboration with governments, the private sector, and ASGM communities in nine countries to significantly improve the production practices and work environment of artisanal and small-scale miners. Working to close the funding gap, supporting formalization, raising awareness and connecting mining communities with mercury-free technology and formal markets, the program aims to demonstrate a path towards cleaner and more efficient small-scale gold mining practices for the benefit of everyone, from mine to the market.

Supporting countries’ commitments under the Minamata Convention on Mercury, the planetGOLD program is working to eliminate mercury from the gold supply chain produced by artisanal and small-scale miners (ASGM) to:

• Support efforts to integrate the ASGM sector into the formal economy, society and regulatory system

• Introduce and facilitate access to mercury-free technologies and best practices in ASGM

• Facilitating miners’ access to formal gold supply chains, in collaboration with gold buyers and industrial users

• Pilot a series of models for access to investments and funding for small-scale miners and their communities

United Nations Environment Programme Supported by the Global Environment Facility, planetGOLD is coordinated by the and implemented in partnership with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, United Nations Development Programme, and Conservation International.

The planetGOLD program is supported by 19 government authorities and other organizations in Burkina Faso, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Indonesia, Kenya, Mongolia, Peru and the Philippines. In June 2020, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Council approved a new program to expand planetGOLD to 15 countries.

Italpreziosi actively participated in creation of the community supply chain from Colombia, in partnership with the United Nations, Colombian Government Authorities, the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) and trusted business partners. To learn more, here is the video of the event organized during the last OECD Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains in 2022:



Scegliere un consumo e una produzione responsabili è un passo cruciale che ogni singolo attore nella catena di approvvigionamento deve intraprendere per un futuro più sicuro per il nostro pianeta.

Nelle nostre procedure di on-boarding Know Your Counterpart (KYC) all’interno del Dipartimento di Compliance, vengono fatte attente analisi di tutte le documentazioni a livello ambientale: tutti i nostri fornitori, in base alla loro attività, devono presentare specifiche documentazioni che attestino il loro impegno nel mantenere gli standard ambientali adeguati. Inoltre, richiediamo sempre informazioni aggiuntive su iniziative o pianificazioni per ridurre o eliminare totalmente impatti verso l’ambiente.

La nostra analisi delle controparti esamina dettagliatamente tutti quelli che sono i prodotti chimici utilizzati nel loro processo, sia prima del rapporto lavorativo che durante, al fine di determinare una valutazione della controparte.

L’origine del metallo è sempre fondamentale. Nel nostro “Indice dei Paesi ad Alto Rischio” che aggiorniamo annualmente, viene sempre effettuata un’analisi sull’ambiente.
Le fonti utilizzate sono sempre organizzazioni internazionali, società di conformità private, database e regolamenti dei governi e rapporti di ONG.

L’obiettivo è avere chiaro il quadro normativo in ambito ambientale, come anche l’analisi di eventuali zone o aree protette, o aree patrimonio dell’umanità.

Questo perché analizzando l’area di provenienza, possiamo avere la certezza che il materiale da noi acquistato non provenga da aree ad alto rischio ambientale, e se vi fossero potenziali controparti, cerchiamo di capire di come supportarle nel mitigare il rischio proveniente dall’area operativa.

Difatti, per noi è importante anche formare le nostre controparti su temi relativi a clima, ambiente, biodiversità ed estrazione mineraria responsabile.
Garantiamo i più alti standard di qualità e sostenibilità attraverso un lavoro di verifica documentale seguito da site visit per attestare la veridicità delle informazioni ottenute.


Nel 2019 siamo entrati a far parte del Program Advisory Group (PAG) di planetGold, che coinvolge vari stakeholder tra Nazioni Unite, ONG, associazioni, aziende del settore privato e autorità pubbliche.
Il programma planetGOLD lavora in collaborazione con i governi, il settore privato e le comunità ASGM in nove paesi per migliorare significativamente le pratiche di produzione e l’ambiente di lavoro dei minatori artigianali e su piccola scala. Lavorando per colmare il divario di finanziamento, sostenendo la formalizzazione, sensibilizzando e collegando le comunità minerarie con tecnologia priva di mercurio e mercati formali, il programma mira a dimostrare un percorso verso pratiche di estrazione dell’oro su piccola scala più pulite ed efficienti a vantaggio di tutti, da il mio al mercato.
Sostenendo gli impegni dei paesi nell’ambito della Convenzione di Minamata sul mercurio, il programma planetGOLD sta lavorando per eliminare il mercurio dalla catena di approvvigionamento dell’oro prodotto da minatori artigianali (ASGM) e su piccola scala per:

  • Sostenere gli sforzi per integrare il settore ASGM nell’economia formale, nella società e nel sistema normativo
  • Introdurre e facilitare l’accesso alle tecnologie prive di mercurio e alle migliori pratiche in ASGM
  • Facilitare l’accesso dei minatori alle catene di approvvigionamento formale dell’oro, in collaborazione con acquirenti di oro e utenti industriali
  • Pilotare una serie di modelli per l’accesso a investimenti e finanziamenti per i minatori su piccola scala e le loro comunità


Supportato dal Global Environment Facility, planetGOLD è coordinato da United Nations Environment Programme ed implementato in partnership con United Nations Industrial Development OrganizationUnited Nations Development Programme, e Conservation International.

Il programma planetGOLD è supportato da 19 autorità governative e altre organizzazioni in Burkina Faso, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Indonesia, Kenya, Mongolia, Perù e Filippine. Nel giugno 2020, il Council of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) ha approvato un nuovo programma per espandere planetGOLD in 15 paesi.

Italpreziosi ha partecipato attivamente alla creazione della filiera da comunità proveniente dalla Colombia, in partnership con Nazioni Unite, Autorità Governative colombiane, Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) e partner commerciali fidati.

Per saperne di più, qui il video dell’evento organizzato durante l’ultimo Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains dell’OCSE.