Material topics:

  • Decent working conditions
  • Diversity Equity Inclusion
  • Gender Equality
  • Education and training


  • Promoting gender equality and inclusiveness
  • Health and safety of workers
  • Improved employee well-being and education

Risk areas:

  • Equity
  • Wellbeing, Education and training


At the end of 2023, the number of employees was 86;
The average number was 85.67,
Permanent employees
Fixed-term employees
Full-time employees
Part-time employees
Number Rate
New hires under 30 22 73,33%
New hires 30-50 6 20,00%
New hires over 50 2 6,67%

The overall turnover percentage was 57,2% (56% in 2022)
The turnover compensation rate was 150% (160% in 2022)

Overall turnover is an indicator that is the rate of staff turnover and reflects the actual stability and involvement of employees in the long term. However, for a deeper understanding of this indicator, it is necessary to better understand the specific context to which it applies. In the case of Italpreziosi, what particularly influences the data are the new entries during the year (29) also necessary to manage the division acquired at the end of 2022. There will be a total of 19 releases in 2023. The influence of the number of incoming employees is also highlighted by the turnover compensation rate, which, being high, indicates a company in the expansion phase.

Wellbeing, health and safety

Physical Wellbeing

We support the maintenance of physical health, encouraging choices that promote long-term well-being both in the workplace and in everyday life by organizing outdoor events and team building events in nature. With the monthly newsletter, we also promote information on health and contents on the Digital Noticeboard.

Emotional Wellbeing

We offer emotional support through tools that promote flexibility, awareness and management of emotions, helping people to face daily challenges in a positive way, such as through the Listening Desk.

Social Wellbeing

We promote a sense of belonging and active participation in the community, recognizing the importance of interpersonal relationships in overall well-being, through the organization of the Sustainability Champion award. We also offer team building initiatives and internal training and information.

Financial Wellbeing

We are committed to improving purchasing power for both individuals and their families, providing resources and support for responsible financial management with projects such as Corporate Welfare.

Programma di Digital Well Being

Il benessere delle nostre persone rappresenta un fattore chiave nelle nostre strategie di business. Nel 2022 è continuato il piano di Welfare aziendale, considerato quale utile strumento per incrementare il benessere dei dipendenti e dei loro familiari.

A fronte dell’emergenza sanitaria del Covid-19, abbiamo aperto un programma di Digital WellBeing, con l’obiettivo di supportare il personale con attività e formazione che potessero sostenere il benessere fisico e mentale a fronte dello stress che un periodo difficile come questo ha implicato.

Nella newsletter mensile sono stati inseriti contenuti legati non solo alla crescita personale, a materiale di studio e lavoro, ma anche temi per migliorare le pratiche nella nostra vita quotidiana: dal nostro rapporto con l’ambiente, alla spesa intelligente, alle buone pratiche sportive ed educazione alimentare, sino a contenuti educativi e di formazione su parità di genere, lotta alle discriminazioni, sensibilizzazione al cambiamento climatiche e a tematiche attuali.

Grazie al miglioramento periodico della situazione è stato possibile anche organizzare situazioni di team building, come il trekking aziendale in occasione della giornata internazionale dell’ambiente.


Our collaborators’ well-being is a key factor in our business strategies. During 2023, we continued with the corporate welfare plan, a valuable tool to improve the well-being of our employees and their families.
Corporate welfare is an effective means of best satisfying the personal and family needs of our collaborators, offering a series of benefits at no cost. Between these:
  • reimbursement of expenses related to school education (registrations / fees for kindergartens, schools, purchase of schoolbooks, day camps, etc.),
  • reimbursement of expenses related to family assistance,
  • Public transport season tickets,
  • Supplementary Pension,
  • Vouchers for the purchase of goods in kind (supermarket shopping vouchers, e-commerce purchase vouchers, fuel vouchers, etc.), services related to leisure (entrances to cinemas, theatres, season tickets, etc.) and sports (gyms, sporting events, etc.) and travel (travel packages, holidays, hotels, etc.) medical check-ups.

Digital Bulletin Board

Digitalization has been the key word since 2020. The various initiatives continued for the company Digital Noticeboard, a meeting point for all staff to access:
  • multimedia content to stay updated on the market and the sector,
  • internal online refresher and professional growth courses,
  • contents on sustainability, well-being and health, appropriate lifestyles,
  • Digital Well Being program,
  • get to know the staff in each department,
  • new hire onboarding: section dedicated to new hires,
  • corporate alerts and events,
  • policies and regulations.

Listening desk

The counseling/listening desk has been active since 2022. It offers the possibility for employees to access individual meetings with an expert coach during working hours.
This is to enhance one’s skills, acquire greater knowledge of oneself and one’s abilities, be able to make decisions with greater awareness and clarity, learn to manage stress, and overcome transitory moments of difficulty.

Monthly newsletter

Available to all employees, it includes content beyond personal growth and work-study material. We also address issues aimed at improving practices in daily life, ranging from the relationship with the environment to prudent spending, good sporting practices and nutritional education. We also provide educational and training content regarding gender equality, the inclusion of diversity, the fight against discrimination, raising awareness of climate change and other current issues.

Work Climate Survey

The Work Climate Survey is conducted yearly.
This is an anonymous survey to evaluate our team’s well-being, performance and needs as well as various aspects regarding the working environment. In line with last year, participation in the survey concerned approximately 60% of employees, confirming the staff’s interest in integrating into company processes.

Team building events

Team building is a process aimed at improving group dynamics and collaboration within a work team. It is based on the idea that a cohesive, well-integrated team can achieve better results and address challenges more effectively than groups of individuals operating in an isolated or disorganized manner.
In our commitment to improve well-being and promote a positive collaborative climate among our employees, Italpreziosi annually organizes team building events.
One of these was Green Day, a day dedicated to nature in Camaldoli, which took place in June. Green Day is not only an opportunity to strengthen the team, but also an opportunity to promote the values ​​of sustainability and respect for nature.
Furthermore, on 8 May the 2022 Sustainability Report was presented to internal stakeholders, at the Casa dell’Energia in Arezzo, a location open to citizens as a multipurpose place of social aggregation, with the aim of raising citizens’ awareness of environmental issues and the world of energy. This occasion also proved to be an important moment to raise staff awareness of environmental and social issues and share the company’s commitment with them.

Health and Safety

We promote a safe and protected working environment by safeguarding our employees’ health and spreading the culture of safety and prevention within the company.
In line with legal obligations, we provide each plant with a Risk Assessment Document (in italian, Documento di Valutazione dei Rischi or DVR), to ensure and preserve our workers’ health and safety. This document identifies and assesses the risks associated with each activity, outlining the actions necessary to eliminate or reduce those risks. To support this mission, we continually implement technical and organizational interventions, which include:
  • Strict compliance with current regulations;
  • Continuous monitoring and active management of risks and safety;
  • Regular updating of working methodologies;
  • Development and implementation of training and communication programs for all levels of the organization;
  • Periodic meetings with the Workers’ Safety Managers (in italian, Rappresentante dei Lavoratori per la Sicurezza or RLS);
  • Sharing improvement plans and results achieved.
As part of the risk assessment and management, the Employer collaborates with the professional figures required by law: the Head of the Prevention and Protection Service (in italian, Responsabile del Servizio di Prevenzione e Protezione or RSPP), the Competent Doctor and the Workers’ Safety Representative. In addition to the supervisors, each employee has the opportunity, encouraged by the company culture, to report any dangerous situation, near misses and any non-compliance that may arise. The multiple reporting mechanisms are set out in the Complaint and Irregularity Policy, and include dedicated email, dedicated telephone line, Google form present on the digital noticeboard, complaint boxes installed in all offices and possibility of comments/reports to HR contact person.
Italpreziosi has a register where such reports are recorded and the progress in resolving them is analyzed.
  • Accidents
    • 0 in 2021
    • 1 in 2022
    • 4 in 2023
Category Number Rate
Recordable injuries 4 5,7
Serious injuries 1 1,4
Deaths 0 0
Professional diseases 0 0
During 2023, there were cases (2) that led to accidents at work. One of these involved an employee and was caused by contact with a hot material, while the other involved three employees and was caused by a reaction with chemicals.
The numerical data analyzed were evaluated at fiscal year-end (31/12/2023). The rates were calculated according to the GRI guidelines; the base number of hours worked used for these calculations is 200,000.

The total number of working hours conducted amounts to 139280.2.

Numero di ore lavorative svolte

Workplace safety management

Risk management in the company takes place in compliance with the Consolidated Law on Health and Safety at Work (Legislative Decree. 81/08), which is the reference regulatory framework to guarantee the protection of workers’ health and safety. This involves the adoption of preventive and control measures for professional risks, staff training, the development of safe operating procedures and the active involvement of employees in the risk management process.
Hazards were identified and assessed through rigorous risk analysis, involving industry experts and using approved methodologies, such as exposure assessment, process analysis and direct field observation. Hazard assessment includes analyzing the correlation between the severity of the harm and the probability of its occurrence. Several targeted actions have been implemented to eliminate the identified hazards, including the implementation of updated standard operating procedures, the adaptation and regular maintenance of work equipment, the training of staff on safe practices, the review of work processes to identify inefficiencies or vulnerabilities, as well as continuously evaluating performance and monitoring key security indicators.


After the occurrence of some accidents which occurred in the workplace, Italpreziosi undertook a series of concrete actions to improve the well-being and protection of its employees. One of the key interventions was the increase in training hours dedicated to health and safety at work. Compared to the previous year, we have more than tripled the number of hours allocated to training on the subject. This increase not only demonstrates our commitment to ensuring a safe work environment, but also the recognition of the crucial importance of preparation and awareness to prevent workplace accidents and injuries. The training sessions were designed to be interactive and informative, actively engaging employees to share best practices, discuss real-world situations and identify potential workplace risks. In addition to the mandatory standard training, we have introduced specific sessions on relevant topics emerging from the incidents, offering insights and practical tools to deal with similar situations in the future. Additionally, we have established programs to continuously monitor and review safety conditions, engaging both employees and company leadership to identify and address critical areas requiring improvement. Our goal is to ensure that every member of our team feels safe and secure at work, enabling them to conduct their duties in a safe and sustainable environment. We will continue to actively strive to continually improve our health and safety practices, with the goal of minimizing the risk of injury and promoting our employees’ overall well-being.

DEI / Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Italpreziosi is committed to enhancing every type of diversity. The principles of non-discrimination, inclusion and gender equality guide us both inside and outside the company. We work to prevent and possibly identify and resolve situations of discrimination through our policies, procedures and habits, working to eliminate inequalities linked to diversity.
Only by embracing a complete and inclusive approach, which considers various aspects that distinguish the company, is it possible to stimulate people’s maximum potential both within our organization and in relations with external parties.

SDG5 and Diversity and Inclusion


We have been applying the principles of our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Policy since November 2022.
The policy aims to outline principles and guidelines regarding the inclusion of different forms of diversity, non-discrimination and gender equality. Inside are the guidelines to be implemented through the improvement or activation of processes for the creation of a work environment free from discrimination, with equal gender opportunities in the entire cycle of selection, management, training and career of personnel, as well as in corporate governance and communication practices.

Areas of commitment
  • Governance
  • HR processes
  • Equal treatment and fair remuneration
  • Training and communication
  • Due Diligence and supply chain
The policy aligns with current legislation, as well as international standards on diversity, inclusion and gender equality, with the UNI ISO 30415 guidelines relating to the management of human resources with an approach to diversity and inclusion and with the UNI/ PdR 125:2022 reference practice for gender equality.


Gender equality is a fundamental value for our company. Our CEO, Ivana Ciabatti, has always been at the forefront of supporting initiatives that enhance women’s rights, their potential, their genius and above all initiatives for the elimination of violence against them.

Our CEO’s philosophy is reflected in Italpreziosi’s modus operandi. This attention towards gender equality made it possible to obtain certification on gender equality at the beginning of 2023, according to the UNI/PdR 125:2022 practice, containing guidelines that allow the evaluation and reporting of gender equality in the company through KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). During 2023 we improved the reporting system for data for personnel and the calculation of indicators, making it more complete and at the same time transparent.


The percentage of female staff in the workforce was 35%, marking the starting point of our assessment.
We reached 48%, highlighting an increase of 13% in four years, demonstrating our commitment to gender equality.
We kept the percentage at 45%.
The percentage, although slightly decreasing (42%), remains above the average in our sector.
We recorded a percentage of 34%, influenced by the commitment to maintaining the newly acquired division’s staff, which was mainly male.
Thanks to our commitment to gender equality, the percentage has started to rise again, reaching 37%, also involving the newly acquired division’s staff.

Female workforce

Board of Directors

0 %
0 %


0 %
0 %


0 %
0 %


0 %
0 %

Female turnover

On total workforce
0 %
Positive turnover
0 %
Negative turnover
0 %

Salary and promotions

At the salary level, we calculated the gender pay gap throughout 2023 by dividing workers into categories. The methodology used is that indicated by the GRI 405-2a disclosure, which considers the ratio between the basic salary and the remuneration of women compared to men for each category of employee.
0 %
0 %
0 %

The rate of promotions divided by gender was also analyzed:

0 %
0 %
Promotions are distributed similarly for men and women regarding the managerial level.

“For me, transparency and sustainability have always been the fundamental drivers for creating a positive impact; it is therefore necessary to adopt a strategic vision that allows us to meet the current generation’s needs without compromising those of future generations"

Ivana Ciabatti, CEO of Italpreziosi


Gender equality initiatives play a crucial role in promoting awareness and changing attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate gender inequalities. Through training activities, public events and advocacy activities, Italpreziosi is committed to promoting a culture that embraces inclusiveness and respect for gender equality.

Our CEO is a member of Women in Mining UK, which involves women in mining from around the world.

We are signatories to the Women’s Empowerment Principles, which is an initiative of UN Women and UN Global Compact. It consists of a set of principles that offer guidance to businesses on how to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women in the workplace, the market and the community

Italpreziosi also actively promotes UN Women’s He for She initiative, encouraging employees to join to promote gender equality. Furthermore, it supports initiatives such as Premio Camomilla Women for Women Against Violence and is committed to raising awareness on the topic of eliminating violence against women through content on the digital bulletin board and the monthly newsletter.

Equal opportunities

Pursuant to the Code of Ethics and in the DE&I policy, and in line with sustainable development objectives 5, 8 and 10 of the United Nations Agenda, Italpreziosi recognizes the importance of the principles of fairness and equal opportunities for all employees.
These principles are integrated with criteria of merit and competence in all selection, hiring and career development processes. The company undertakes to conduct these processes in compliance with the principles of correctness and transparency, without any form of discrimination based on age, sex, disabilities, ethnicity or any other status.
Starting in 2022, Italpreziosi has launched a gender-based pay equity analysis, with the aim of monitoring and minimizing pay differences. It is important for us to reduce disparities and promote equality of opportunities and pay.
A diverse team is more robust and creative, allowing optimal development of each member. The average age of our collaborators stands at 37; 37% are under 30 years old.


Average age over the years
39 years old
38 years old
39 years old

Age distribution


Under 30 years old
0 %
Between 30 and 50 years old
0 %
Over age 50
0 %

Board of Directors

Between 30 and 50 years old
0 %
over 50
0 %


Under 30 years old
0 %
Between 30 and 50 years old
0 %
over 50
0 %

Education and training

Our team is made up of professionals with different educational backgrounds, often specialized through the experience gained in this sector.

Training is a crucial element for business and personal growth. Therefore, within our activities, we continually strive to stimulate our staff through e-learning and refresher materials. At the same time, we promote on-going training, offering various kinds of courses to meet the needs of our collaborators and, consequently, of our company, at all levels.

We focus on creating upskilling and reskilling courses to ensure a complete training path adapted to employees’ evolving needs.
In 2023, the staff training hours significantly increased, considering the hours for each course for the number of participants.

Overall, 1203 hours of training were provided (12.5 hours of training per capita) compared to 330.52 in 2022.

Specifically, 812 hours were dedicated to health and safety, dealing with issues such as risks for workers, first aid, fire prevention, supervisor training, machinery and forklift regulations.

The other 391 hours concerned diversified training areas, including personnel management, economics and finance, language skills, GDPR, whistleblowing, compliance and Quality.

In addition to the aforementioned training, internal social and environmental issues are covered monthly through dedicated focuses on the monthly digital bulletin board. Topics covered include Inclusive language, Unconscious bias, Gender stereotypes, Carbon footprint, Ecological footprint, Climate change, and Biodiversity.

Training hours 2023
by gender and category of workers (Per capita)

Health and Safety MALE FEMALE TOTAL
Management 13,78 8,22 11
Workers 12,00 5,33 11,5
Employees 2,57 4,92 4,05
Quality, Compliance, Languages and General Training MALE FEMALE TOTAL
Management 4,52 19,37 11,94
Workers 3,08 0,67 2,9
Employees 1,30 1,74 1,6

Equal opportunities

Our goal is to reduce inequalities and promote equal opportunities and equal pay. A differentiated team is stronger and more creative and allows a better appreciation of all its parts. The average age in our workforce was 39 and 30% are under age 30.

Average 39 age stable compared to the previous two years

EQUAL REMUNERATION has always been

“Zero tolerance against any type of discrimination”

Over 50
30% are under age 30
45,6% are between age 30 and 50


In November 2022, the Diversity & Inclusion Policy was signed, with the aim of outlining principles and guidelines on the inclusion of different forms of diversity, non-discrimination and gender equality. Inside are the guidelines to be implemented through the improvement or implementation of processes for creation of a work environment free from discrimination, with equal gender opportunities throughout the entire cycle of staff selection, management, training and career, as well as in corporate governance and communication practices.

Areas of Commitment

HR Processes
Equal treatment and fair pay
Training and communication
Due Diligence and supply chain

The policy is intended to align with current legislation as well as with international standards on diversity, inclusion and gender equality, with the UNI ISO 30415 guidelines regarding the management of human resources with an approach to diversity and inclusion and with the UNI/PDR 125:2022 reference practice for gender equality

In 2022, Italpreziosi began the certification procedure on corporate gender equality, according to UNI/ PdR 125:2022, which contains guidelines that allow evaluating and reporting gender equality in companies through KPIs (Key Performance Indicator).

The certification process was successful, with certification being obtained at the beginning of 2023.

Consistency is our strength

In line with the SDGs, we have always tried to create equal opportunities and empower women, starting with our team: from 35% in 2015, women represented 42% of our workforce in 2021, while in 2022 they represented 33%.

The reason for this substantial decrease is due to the acquisition of a new division in which the predominantly male human resources were maintained.

Board of directors

Initiatives for staff

Digital bulletin board

Digitalization has been the keyword since 2020. The various initiatives related to the Corporate Digital Bulletin Board, a meeting point for all staff, have continued access to:

  • Multimedia content to stay up to date on the market and the sector
  • Internal online refresher and professional growth courses
  • Updated content on Covid19, Prime Ministerial Decree, and best practices for managing stress during this period
  • Contents on sustainability, well-being and health, proper lifestyles
  • Digital Well Being program
  • Know all the staff in each department
  • New hire onboarding: section dedicated to new hires
  • Corporate alerts and events
  • Policies and regulations
  • Corporate sports groups that support a healthy lifestyle: from Italpreziosi Biking Team and trekking events on the occasion of world days

Listening desk

In 2022, the activity of a counseling/listening desk began; i.e., the opportunity for employees to access individual meetings with an experienced coach in working hours.

This is to enhance their skills, acquire greater knowledge of themselves and their abilities, know how to make decisions with greater awareness and clarity, learn to manage stress, and overcome transient moments of difficulty